ASRock 8 Series OC Competition challenges worldwide overclockers to submit the highest CPU-Z and Super Pi 32M and memory overclocking (by CPU-Z) score. The competition is co-organized by HWBOT, and sponsored by Intel, Kingston, Antec, Nvidia and Gainward, will be running from July 22 to September 2.

The competition is open to all overclockers using an Intel® 4th Generation CPU on ASRock 8 series motherboards. In addition to the three overall winners in CPU-Z, Super Pi 32M and memory overclocking, prizes will be awarded to the top scoring entry in every two weeks of the six-week contest. The final champion of each event will be awarded with a top prize ranging from $2,600 to $3,100 dollars value. Any entry that breaks the world record will be awarded with an additional USD $1, 000 cash prize.

Enter the contest now and win BIG! Submit your score:
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