This competition is open to everyone. You can join by simply submitting a score.
• Competition Duration: 2013/9/23 11:00 am (GMT+8) ~2013/10/2111:00am (GMT+8)
• The final winner will be announced at 2013/10/24 11:00(GMT+8) on ASRock official microsite and HWBOT website.
• Entry period runs from September 23rd, 11 am GMT+8 to October 21st, 11am GMT+8, divided into 4 weekly periods.
• The period of uploading score is as below:
• A. 9/23 11:00am-9/30 11:00am (GMT+8)
• B. 9/30 11:01am-10/7 11:00am (GMT+8)
• C. 10/7 11:01 am- 10/14 11:00am (GMT+8)
• D. 10/14 11:01 am-10/21 11:00am (GMT+8)
• Any participant breaks the world record of the A10 Series CPU-Z frequency record will be awarded with additional USD1,000
• Currently the world CPU Frequency record is 8203 MHz.
ASRock and HWBOT reserve the right to update the world record during the competition.
Contest Rules
• Participants only can only use ASRock FM2/FM2+ Series Motherboard
• This category is open to all users. Highest CPU-Z Mhz wins.
• The result must be validated by CPUZ website. Picture by camera is not acceptable.
• Participants can use APU/IGP or discrete VGA card to join the competition. There's no limitation on the model and brand of the VGA card.
• Must use commercially available components. Engineering sample hardware is not allowed
• No limit to number of entries, try as many times as you want to win!
• Weekly prizes are awarded to the highest scoring contestants during that week
• Each contestant is only eligible to win 1 prize. Grand prize or weekly, no repeat winners
• If a contestant qualifies for multiple prizes, he/she will win the Grand Prize or the first weekly prize he/she qualified for
• All prizes will pass to the next contestants in score order who is not yet qualified to win any prizes
• HWBOT and the sponsors reserve the right to reject any entry
• All the prized will be shipped to the winner within 30 days from ASRock.
• ASRock reserves the right to change the rules during the competition.
• More detail, please entry Join Us
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• Entries must not be marked private and validated to be eligible for prizes for top scores
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