1. Please go to below the website: Http://hwbot.org/

2. If you have not registered in HWBOT, please register (below is the registration web pages) and then login.

3. After you login, please click "SUBMIT SCORE".

4. If you already installed the "3DMARK 11" software, please click "Submit" in the "3DMARK 11-PERFORMANCE" to upload your score. If you do not install the "3DMARK 11" software,
please click "Submit" in the "3DMARK 11-PERFORMANCE" to upload your score.

5. After you click the "save" icon in the "3DMARK 11-PERFORMANCE", please download "3DMARK 11" software (please select your region to download "3DMARK 11" softwave).

6. Please click "Download now" to download "3DMARK 11" software.

7. Please click "Save".

8. After you download "3DMARK 11" software, please install and run "3DMARK 11" program.

9. Please select "Performance" in "PRESETS" and click "RUN 3DMark 11" to start the test.

10. Please record the "Score" which is in the red box as below the photo (when you upload your score to HWBOT, you will use these information). Please click "SUBMIT RESULTS".
 (your computer network must be in a connected state)
After you submit successfully, please record URLs as a proof for HWBOT submission use.

11. Please catch and save your 3DMARK 11 score result photo (must include all the information of the CPU-Z as below photo).

12. Please go back to HWBOT web page and click "Submit" in the "3D MARK 11-PERFORMANCE" to upload your score.

13. Please fill in the information (as below) and click "SUBMIT BENCHMARK RESULT" to upload your 3DMARK 11 - Performance score to HWBOT.

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